Jalang’o decided to leave his chills at home and give his two cents to Kenyan gospel music.

His biggest concern this year is the content being churned out. What is music without real and relatable content though?

Most of these gospel artistes have decided to just produce songs with no sense of what ‘gospel’ entails.

Gospel being the teaching or revelation of Christ means that if you are producing gospel music then it has to have a teaching and Christ-like features.

I don’t know about you but we have VERY few of that in the Kenyan Gospel industry.

Jalang’o has had enough and he decided leo ni leo. In a viral video, he makes it clear that he is going to say it as it is because there is nowhere anyone can take him. The truth had to come out.

“we need to bring back the content that is gospel music. There is nobody who can tell you in this hall more that Jalas mwenyewe because there is nowhere you will take me!” the comedian said.

Well, in as much as this is true and it needed to be said, Jalang’o never lacks to add some humor to his work. Giving the example of Kennon’s song Kama Pupu.

The trap song has a message but fam, what comparison is that. He is basically saying that the devil is sh*t.

The next reference he gave was of the biggest ‘gospel artistes’ we have in the industry including Bahati and Willy Paul whose songs are nowhere close to the gospel content.

In fact, Jalang’o says that they only mention God at the beginning of a song as if he is the producer.

The producers were not spared at all. Giving the example of the EMB records newly signed artiste, Rebecca Soki.

Her song is great with amazing content but she has stolen a beat from a famous Spanish song that is nowhere close to gospel. So the producer here, Paul is to blame.

Mtu wa watu sio? Jalang’o set to run for Lang’ata MP come 2022!

Rebecca Soki

The Oddi dance creator who is also a TV host was not left behind. Timeless Noel who gave us the viral Odi dance and termed it gospel is in trouble. Jalang’o puts it plain and simple that he is waiting for another trending topic so that he can release a song.

His latest single which talks about KDF (the mandazi) is nothing close to gospel.

Climax of his shade throwing was when he bashed Ringtone for his fake stunt on proposing to Zari.

Covered exclusively on Mpasho.co.ke, Ringtone came to give Zari a Range Rover because it is something he has realized she loves.

All Jalang’o had for him was:

ringtone apoko (ululations). usharudisha gari kwa yard mahali ilikuwa? Usharudishia mwenyewe gari? Ringtone, a good woman comes from the lord but you just made it clear a good man comes from the bank.

Zari Ringtone

At the end of his diss video, Jalango says he is not one to judge but gospel needs to be gospel music.

“let us reclaim, rebuild and restore gospel music,” Jalango concluded.

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