Deep sleepy voice
Women choose deep male voices because they indicate that the owner has a large frame.

There is one more crucial trait: “breathing.”

A breathy and sleepy voice is preferred by ladies because it seems less aggressive and angry.

Photos with a high-status context
Men can enhance opposite-s3x attraction simply by the manipulation of status.

It revealed the fact that the same person expressing identical facial expressions and wearing the same outfit can grab more female attraction by simply posing near a nice car.

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Owning a dog
Women found guys with dogs to be even more attractive than even dads with dogs.

Taking care of a dog can help a man appear more happy and relaxed and sends a signal about his readiness for long-term commitments.

Playing hard to get
Playing hard-to-get can benefit you in romantic relationships.

It says that uncertainty in male actions about whether he really likes a woman or not makes her really interested in him.

She can’t get a guy out of her head if she doesn’t know how strongly he feels about her.

So creating some mystery at the beginning of your relationships can heat them up.

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Old man success
It is explained by the fact that female look for financially independent and handsome partners who can provide for them.

As a man ages, he has more opportunities to increase his status and resources.

It gives a woman more confidence in her choice when she sees a successful, powerful, and older man. The study suggests that as ladies become more financially independent, they become even more attracted to older men.