We do not at all agree with that weird poll that concluded that Kenyans are the ugliest people in Africa. The fact that the poll was conducted in South Africa where xenophobia is real is further proof that the whole thing was a cheap publicity stunt. The ‘Annual Most Beautiful People Awards’ do not have a website or any social media presence, which raises questions on their credibility.

The awards last year were held at Gregor Theater in Bloemfontein, South Africa with Rwanda taking first place, followed by Cameroon and thirdly Ethiopia. Ghetto Radio reports that Kenya took the last position (48), with Zambia and Gabon taking positions 47 and 46 respectively.

10 Photos That Prove Kenyans Are NOT THE UGLIEST in Africa

Now, if you remember from your primary school history, there is a West African nomadic group called the Fulani. They have a sub-group called Wodaabe or Bororoare, which claims that it’s the most beautiful tribe in Africa. They attribute this to the fact that they rarely marry outside their tribe hence they’ve maintained their beauty. Here’s a video of the tribe from Naija.