eunice njeri

Fans of Eunice Njeri are blind to her personal woes. Especially now that she has released a new song.

Eunice unveiled her new single this week called Ameni.

The reviews are any artiste’s wet dream.

Everyone who has heard the song has fallen in love with it.

Eunice told her fans that she had to let go of her marriage to rapper Izzo – real name Ado Bukasa – because her heart is in Africa.

A fan wrote her, “Now, This IS where your heart truly belongs. I love you Eunice, and like I told you when I met you in Birmingham, Alabama, I’m praying for you. Keep Worshiping!!”

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With her new release, Eunice is going to conquer the music industry, not just the gospel arena. It seems her 24-hour marriage is working positively to her advantage.

Also, her song, Ameni plays a big role in softening the hearts of those who had dismissed her. Haters are turning into fans.

Check out some of the reviews on YouTube.

seshkay wrote, “please teach the likes of willy paul how gospel music is done……very nice song.”


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