At this point, I think Noti Flow needs a relationship break.

She has been dating one man after another and in a few months, we see pictures of them deleted from her social media pages and what always follows is a post of her trash talking the now ex.

The one thing that is evident is she has no age limit and she likes them unique. Not the normal tall dark and handsome cliche.

Noti Flow

Noti Flow dated Prezzo, then Mr. Lipunda a.k.a Mustafa, then she dated some hip-hop man who constantly asked her for money and now she has a boy toy all the way from the coast.

Dully Melody who has been an artist since he was in high school seems to have captured the broken heart of Noti Flow.

Noti Flow and Mustapha

Noti has been posting pictures of the two together and in one picture looking happy and in love she captioned it thus:

But wabongo na wamombasa mnajua kujililia sana 😂 Yani wana maneno matamu matamu yanaenda straight to the heart 💘 Kwanza wakuimbie…sauti ya kutoa nyoka pangoni 🎶❤ Damn! Yani kwa kiswahili Daah!😂✈

Prezzo and Noti Flow

According to Google, some women like their men younger for two major reasons. One, they want to be in charge, at the end of the day, respect your elders right? The other reason is they want to feel young again.

Let us try and put Noti Flow into this perspective. Considering she has been dating older men kina Mustafa and Prezzo, she probably wants to feel young again and so Dully fits in perfectly.

Do you remember how Mustafa used to speak about Noti Flow? He was clearly in charge of her everything. Having this new man in her life who is clearly younger means Noti ndo kusema.

Noti Flow

Now that she is head over heels, we give it a few months and she will be talking smack about him all over social media.

D*ckmatization is real! Noti Flow and Prezzo get cozy in bed (PHOTOS)

Her story is similar to Blac Chyna’s. She has reportedly been dating another teenager; pro boxer Devin Haney who is 19 years old. Blac Chyna has been seeing him for months after she broke up with 18 year old Jay.

She now has control over this guy as compared to her previous relationship with her baby daddy Robb Kardashian.

Now meet Noti’s new Swahili boy toy:

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