Last week ended on a high (no pun intended) when Kibra MP, Kenneth Okoth confidently drafted a bill seeking to legalize marijuana.

This has been a discussion among Kenyans but no one has taken up the role of drafting a bill to be discussed in parliament.

In case the bill will be passed, Kenya might just be the third country in Africa to legalize the growing and selling of weed. Well, Okoth wants it to be used for recreational purposed too aside from having it used for medicinal purposes which will be a first in Africa.

Noti Flow has been accused by her colleagues from Nairobi D a couple of times of smoking too much weed and her latest post might just be proof she actually does.

Noti Flow

Noti Flow took a screenshot of the story done on Kenneth Okoth seeking to legalize weed and captioned it:

Am starting to really love my country 😁🇰🇪 If you support Mp Ken Okoth say Aye 🙋🏽‍♀️ No nays here 👐🏼 😂 Aki huyu mp mi nimempenda, would even vote for him ✔️💯😂 #legalize

Completely against it is Chipukeezy, a NACADA board member. Chipukeezy posted his opinion saying the major reason why the crime rate in Kibra is high is because of weed yet the MP is for it.

Ifikieserekali! Kibera MP, Kenneth Okoth seeks for the legalization of bhangi

The bill that Kibra Mp Hon Ken Okoth is sponsoring on marijuana is not in good faith and is ill-advised. He is in a better position to know that marijuana is one of key reasons crime is rampant in his constituency. We have not exhausted ways of empowering the communities and more so the youths for us to jump into this ‘legalize marijuana’ craze happening around the world. Empowerment Avenues like sports, arts and media, Entrepreneurship etc have not yet been exploited enough. He should put this energy into seeing to it that young people and women derive maximum benefits from AGPO, youth fund, affirmative action etc.


From the comments on both posts, you would be surprised many Kenyans are for the legalization of weed not only for medicinal purposes but also for recreational purposes.

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