Noti Flow and her on and off boyfriend, the lanky Colonel Mustafa, are back together. Noti’s hope in an earlier interview was that the Mustafa had changed since their last hurrah together.

Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow
Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow

Her messages on her social media last week may have raised questions and made many wonder if all is well on the home front. Just yesterday, Noti posted an image of her petite, tattoo-covered self.

Her caption though was fascinating. It seemed to shame men who liked smashing big women, even referring to those women as primates. Her message is below:

At least I’ve got a small ass but am pretty. y’all nigahs be fvckin big ass gorilla

The rapper wearing a pink wig

Some of her follower’s comments are below:

linahvulemy: 😂😂This is mean aki…
isabelshiro: Awoooh tell them boo.. Small as but pretty lol❤️❤️😍
mikiendegwa: Ur right..u pretty as fck..but u got no ass.none at all let’s be honest
tuitoekjelagatt: Am big ass but am pretty. Stop hating on big as females.
deareliztosh: How sure r u your pretty??

What is noteworthy about this comment is that it comes hot on the heels of another message she posted earlier on the same day. It read:

If a girl cares for you, she’ll get upset over little things, and if you can’t handle that, go for a hoe that doesn’t care what you do..

Noti with Mustafa

One must ask, is Noti directing these messages at her man Mustafa aka Lipunda? She might also be following the playbook adopted by many females in this day of social media; say your truth but never overtly, always covertly.

Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow
The couple together

Do you think the two are having problems?

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