Noti Flow

Noti Flow is not a happy camper. The rapper turned socialite has some choice words to say about Nairobi Dairies. And they are not complimentary.

Nairobi Diaries cast
Nairobi Diaries cast

The show has made many of its stars into household names, from the likes of Pendo to Mishi Dorah and Bridget Achieng. But for Noti it hasn’t been a boon for her career.

Noti Flow

The bisexual rapper strongly claimed that taking part in Nairobi Diaries reality TV show added no value to her as a person and brand.

The former Nairobi Diaries actress took shots at the show which she quit in bad blood claiming it really wasted her.

Noti Flow

Speaking in an interview with Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi on their show 10 Over 10, Noti Flow, born Florence Kutoto said a lot of great things would have happened in her life were it not for the show. She confessed:

”Nairobi Diaries wasted me, it wasted my time, I don’t regret it, because I don’t regret anything in my life.”

Noti Flow and Joey Muthengi
With 10 over 10 host Joey Muthengi

Being the journalists they are, Raburu and Joey could not let Noti slip without addressing her relationship with her ex lover and former cast Colonel Mustafa alias Lipunda. She claimed:

”Everyone wasted me, the show, I mean even Lipunda (Mustafa), listen guys I was in love but he wasn’t, he just wanted to use me for my fame now that he is irrelevant in the industry.”

Noti Flow and Mustapha
With Mr. Lipunda

Noti Flow follows in the steps of Vera Sidika who also left the show after appearing in Season 1. On Tuesday, February 23,  2016, the socialite parted ways with the reality TV show saying that it was not in line with her agendas.

Vera Sidika

Her reasons for quitting were:

1. She was tired of being used by the company to shoot as they wanted.

2. There was too much negative energy on set which was contrary to her mantra.

3. She had made money, yes, and was considering advice from her fans who had been telling her to quit.

4. The show is scripted, with little chance to show off experiences as they are, Vera is tired of playing the puppet and being ordered around.

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