Noti Flow has made declarations in the past that have left many mouths agape. From telling ladies to get over a break-up by using not, not two, but three different men to get over the jamaa.

So when she recently announced that she would be leaving Nairobi Diaries many thought that it was just one of her stunts. but she was dead serious!

Speaking to Pulse, Noti Flow said she is done with the programme and now her focus is on music. She said:

“My fans will have to bear with me. I quit ‘Nairobi Diaries’ for good and they should not expect to see me do that stuff ever again. I need some peace of mind as I prepare my new album. I feel like it’s time to put my full focus on music.”

Noti Flow



She went on to add:

“I have to keep working hard and make the money. I want to be rich… like, own my own jet. That is why my life is just about focusing ahead. I never have regrets.”

Noti Flow

As someone who wants her to succeed in the music business, the only advice I will give her is to get a super producer. Someone who can cover up her musical inadequacies with a crazy crazy beat! but what do I know anyway?