Noti Flow and Mustafa
Noti Flow and Mustafa

Noti Flow, whose real name is Natalie Florence Kutoto, has had a hot and cold relationship with her ex, Colonel Mustafa.

Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow
The two in the past

The two appear to be on friendly terms again if pictures and videos on their social media platforms are anything to go by. Noti posted a video on her Instagram page that had the caption:

Day was lit.

The video is below:

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Day was lit

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The two were chilling at BMG Records at the time of the recording. Mustafa on his part posted an image showing the two having a great time together. His caption read:

Linked up with the Queen in the hood 😎

Some comments responding to the two spending together are below:

shiko_reborn: Ukiona noti kamerudi kanataka kitu kutoka kwa Mr lipunda.Kakishapata hukaoni tena😂😂😂Kanaughty kweli.
sheillabosslady: Wow…… you don’t know how happy I am to see you guys together 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💃I knew this will happen soon🙊🙈
ben_west_4k7: 😂😂😂😂tell yoh nigga to be careful ….might snatch his chiq
evansodacosta: Kazi ni kuachana na kurudiana isorait!
jaywanjau16: Lazima ulikula stick hapo! 😋😂

Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow
The rappers in a file photo

This two have a complicated past with break-ups and the make-ups being a constant theme in their relationship.

That the two rappers who have previously taken part in Nairobi Diaries are on speaking terms, nay smiling terms shows will come as a shock to many especially after their last nasty break-up, a few months back.

Noti Flow and Mustafa
Noti Flow and Mustafa in the past

Noti, in particular had a few nasty words to say about Mustafa aka Lipunda, saying that he was a broke guy who could not even take care of a woman.

Mustafa responded with claims that the female rapper was just but bitter and crazy. Is their relationship now just a friendship or are they back together? Keep reading, as we will get you the truth.

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