Merry Christmas folks! I bet you are keeping in touch with friends via mobile internet, and doing your shopping online.

…but wait, are you already on Safaricom’s 4G network yet? It is an exciting platform, coz the speeds are just out of this world. I promise, once you go Safaricom 4G, you will never go back!

So guys, let me tell you how to get on to the Safaricom 4G network.

First of all, you need a Sim card that is enabled to operate on the new platform. You not only need the sim card but you also need a mobile phone that has capability to operate on this new platform.



Maybe you are now wondering how to get all this done? I have it all here – visit to any Safaricom Shop and have a chat with the friendly customer service officers there. They are ready to sort you out, and voila! you will be swimming with the current.

Join the new platform today and #DoThingsSafaricom4G