Robert Burale

Most people prefer to have friends of the opposite sex thinking that it’s cool. Many, especially women, will have lots of male friends in the name of trying to avoid drama from their fellow females but according to stylish pastor Robert Burale, that’s not the case.

According to this relationship expert, MC and speaker, women with many males as friends are not wife material. He says such women are seen as sex objects and easy to prey on.

‘The Last Time I Had Sex Was 4 Years Ago With My Ex-wife,’ Confesses Pastor Robert Bural

Here’s what he wrote

“Ladies …if you are the kind of lady who receives calls from your male friends to go to night clubs and party upon party and NOTHING else…well you may think that they love your company (and they may ) but there is a hidden message…to them YOU are NOT wife material. They look at you as a candidate for bed gymnastics. Don’t get it twisted. The woman a man takes to his mum to introduce her as a future wife is not found in the category of the ladies who go out with him and the boys drinking like crazy. so IF YOU KEEP ATTENDING THeSe DRINKING ESCAPADES THEN YOU RISK ATTENDING WEDDINGS NOT AS A BRIDE BUT A GUEST……RB.”

Pastor Burales post ignited mixed reactions among his followers and here is what they had to say;

Mimi OMogeni:  Lol…..those are just misconceptions. Women who drink or are social actually make better wives than the pretenders singing kumbaya in church.

Mwihaki Babua: What is ‘wife material’? And how is that an ambition? Who cares?

Omwenga ‘Albo’ Nyakundi: Marriage is overrated. Everything you can purchase for a limited time. Her affections, her body, her moods, her uterus, everything you can have as long as you can afford it! #Reality.

Phil: Well put. Sir….. you can say it again oh!!

Talisa: Every woman is a wife material it all depends with the material you want

Burale went ahead to give his two cents on celebrities and he says;

“Let me speak to ‘CELEBRITIES’..

1: Yes you like hanging around with fellow celebrities. You attend functions and all..take selfies and get one million “likes” ..Nothing wrong with that but wake up and smell the coffee..Most (not all) of those friendships are based on’“status’

2: Fast forward ..When the LIGHTS go off …your phone calls will not be answered ..your photos will not be on their Instagram and Facebook pages ..They will have moved on to other celebrities.

3: Build relationships and friendships based on value and well being of all parties ..NOT STATUS..
Hard Tackle but the ref waves PLAY ON.”

In another post, he talked about inner faith and he said

“INNER STRENGTH (by God’s grace ) Will take you far…That unseen resolve that speaks this words “you cannot give up now …Keep going ….

A person with inner strength from Yahweh may have scars and burns on the outside ….Tears flowing but what baffles the enemy is the fact that you keep moving when everything is pointing out to surrender .

if you have to walk….WALK….if you have to crawl..CRAWL…..keep moving ….DESTINY AWAITS

INNER STRENGTH will push a limping man/woman to the finish line.”

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