Timmy T Dat probably has the most loyal fans.

He doesn’t seem to care whatever we have to say. He was recently trolled for lifting a ladies dress on stage and exposing her inner beauty to the crowd but later on apologized.

I am sure many Kenyans gave him the benefit of the doubt and excused him.


Timmy is again the talk of town for pulling the same stunt.

This is just days after he was outed by PR Guru Anyiko Owoko.

‘I apologize kwa maboy child for not representing them well’ Timmy T Dat apologizes for his dress lifting act

Anyiko was pissed at the incident. She was the first one to call out Timmy T Dat on his on stage misbehavior saying:

I will be the first to correct something that I find wrong. I am tired of male artistes mishandling women on stage and what timmytdat has done at his performance at Mr. Eazi’s Concert is unacceptable! He called up a lady on stage to dance with him and as she was bending her back – he pulled up her dress to show her full butt and her yellow panties. WTH is this? Should not be ok for any artiste or person to do that to a woman or a man. MUST STOP! Must be condemned! Never do that again

The harsh talk on social media has not stopped him from doing the same thing. The worst part is he actually posts it on his social media page like its something normal to do.


One fan identified as Nancy asked Timmy: huchokangi buda? 

The video of Timmy and a girl who is clearly dressed in innerwear literally a dress and a bra and dancing to the tune on stage has gone viral.

The big question is, also how far the fans are willing to go for their celebrity crash because they don’t seem to have limits that will stop them from doing the most outrageous things on stage.

Timmy T Dat has taken this up as a career because in most if not all his events you will see him behind a girl being suguliwad serious!

Watch the video below:

Timmy dances with a girl half naked on stage

TIMMY TDAT dances with a girl half naked on stage

Posted by Mpasho News on Monday, April 16, 2018