Rapper Khaligraph Jones is a teetotler.

He has never taken drugs and he doesn’t drink at all.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Khaligraph said,

“Not taking any drugs is a factor that has contributed to me being where I am, because I have been able to keep a sober state of mind every time I’m doing my thing.”

Asked what is your legacy? Khaligraph revealed,

“I did what everybody thought would be impossible. First of all, I started a revolution (Play Kenyan Music) and it was successful. They started playing Kenyan music and that artistes can now live off Kenyan music.”

Inspiration to all the boys and girls who want to make it in this tough music business?

“I came from nothing. And when I say, I came from nothing, I really came from nothing, we had nothing.  We were chased out of the house, we did not have money for rent. In 2012,  when I was just starting out in my music career, life was so bad, we moved from Kayole to Dandora with my mum.”

Khaligraph added, “It is not just saying. When I joined High School, I dropped out of school for two years. Then I rejoined back again, I did not even want to go back to school but because of the situation at that time, there were no finances and I was convinced to go back to school.”

He continued, “I try to use my story as a testimony and a motivation to show that it doesn’t matter what you are going through, it really doesn’t, as long as you believe and don’t wait for people to pity you.”

The rapper concluded, “Those days, I would diss people and go ham on them – celebrities the likes of Frasha and P Unit –  and then leave the event and hustle to get into a matatu to Dandora. It is all in believing in yourself. Don’t let anyone take pity on you. Go get it.”