A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. But to many, especially our current generation, this is the time to splash millions on your special day. It’s time to call for fundraisers so that you can cause tremors in the city on that day. It is also a chance to appear on TV for the first time thanks to wedding show programs. If I may ask, what would happen to you if you did a normal church wedding or went to the AG and invited less than 10 people? Will you die?

Well, I stumbled upon this post/article by a Kenyan lady by the name Alice Wangui and here is the interesting facts about marriage/relationships.

“A man tells you he can’t marry you because weddings are expensive? Stop.Wasting.Your Time.

It does not have to be a Samantha Bridal wedding. It can be a simple church wedding, a traditional dowry payment or it can be at the AG.

My dad told me in old Kikuyu tradition even the poorest man would get a wife if he went to ‘handa ithigi‘..that his intentions had become known. And despite the amount brought for ruracio later, the ‘pen’ (where the animals are put at night) is always open. He can still be paying dowry 50 years to come. But the man will put a ring on it.

And a proper ring. Not those foolish things called promise rings. I wore one for years and I’ll tell you for free those things mean sh*t. A ring that says ‘I’m going to marry you soon’, not some vague future, or again ladies; Stop.Wasting.Your.Time.

My big brother Kinyua Kagotho told me if a man wants you, he wants you. End of story.
He will take care of you. He will provide for you. Be it in a single room in Kibera or a mansion in Karen. He will be protective of you. He will call. He will text to let you know where he is. He will not play games and you will stop bombarding your girlfriends’ WhatsApp groups with screenshots to dissect what your conversations mean. Do you have to turn into an FBI agent to find out how he spent his weekend? Stop.Wasting.Your.Time.
You accept the love you think you deserve. Stop making excuses for some man making half-hearted efforts. You’re too full of life to be half-loved.

And as I’ve learnt this year, love can come from the most unexpected places. Embrace it One more thing ladies; we did NOT raise ourselves. We suckled someone breasts. Soiled our nappies (yes, that is what we wore back the lead fevers and kept our mothers awake all night. Someone denied themselves a plot to take you through school… They didn’t have to. They’d have bought a car sooner. They’d have stopped renting sooner. Maybe they’d have gone to Zanzibar for a holiday. But they’ve never left the country. YOU were their priority.
Do you know what they deserve? That you are taken from their home with respect. And while at it, they wouldn’t mind a little fanfare too.”