Mzazi Will M Tuva
Mzazi Will M Tuva

Celebrated media personality Mzazi Willy M Tuva is a great father. The Radio Citizen and Mseto EA presenter’s kids are so grown.

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The proud father shared a photo hanging out with his kids and highlighted their interests.

‘They both love swimming, Tanya loves reading and writing, Tinya loves football and cycling and I love spending quality time with them ❤ #TinyaAndTanya,’he posted accompanied by the pics below.

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Tuva’s wife lives a low-key life away from the pubic eye and that’s why itte is known about her.

hey_johnny Respect

adnoicembogho Your time is the best medicine to them🔥

duncanbrian7 ❤️awesome kids, give them what deserve when you’re able.😍😍

peter.kiptoo You have a blessed family Mzazi..

0kemwa_fred 😂😂😂😂 willy wapi mama watoto 😅

susanshirenye Mbona mama hatumuonagi basi hata Mara moja

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kibandaskyman More blessings to my other family 💯❣️

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The multi-talented media personality in a post revealed that he tried searching for a job but was turned away.

Luckily, he secured one at his current workplace.

‘Oprah was fired at 23. It wasn’t a mistake, she needed to get fired so she could become Oprah Winfrey. At 23 I knocked on so many doors trying to get a chance on Radio but it wasn’t my time yet. They closed their doors so Radio Citizen FM could open it’s doors for me to become who I am today. Sometimes you have to fail so that you can succeed.
Usikate tamaa. Amini Mungu. Siku yako itafika,’he posted encouraging his fans never to give up.