Sarah Wairimu and dad

Murder suspect Sarah Cohen is not a sobbing mess after the death of her husband, tycoon Tob Cohen.

This she explains is because, “I’m almost divorced, widowed, thrown out of my house and being dispossessed yet grieving, all at the same time.”

Sarah WairumuIn an exclusive interview with the Star a fortnight ago, Sarah said,


“Life has been rough for me,” she says. “I have not had time to mourn my husband even after we lived for 29 years as man and wife. This is sheer pain have been and I am still going through.”

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Sarah CohenThe 52-year-old Wairimu explains that the death of her husband and the circumstances surrounding it put her in a precarious situation as she has had to fight “for myself, him and for us.”

“He left me with no one to protect me. As I continue grieving, my constant question is, why did you have to do this Simba?”

Wairimu says she has had to maintain a strong public posture even as she deals with her loss.

“I’m being disinherited, have been thrown out of our matrimonial home. I am yet to mourn properly and find closure.

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Sarah Cohen when she visited the grave of her husband Tob Cohen at the Jewish Cemetery along Wangari Maathai road in Pangani, Nairobi on 3rd February 2020/DOUGLAS OKIDDY

“My mourning is really accumulated because I also lost a brother in 2017 and I am still grieving. The death of Tob doubled the grief, made it even worse,” she says.

Sarah’s murder trial is set for July 6 to 20.

Tob’s decomposing body was found in an underground water tank within their Kitisuru home after two months of frantic search.

The Star/ Gordon Osen