Akothee. photo credit: Akotheekena

Controversial singer Akothee has told off those seeking her opinion on slay queens and sponsors relationships.


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In a stern warning, Akothee asked people not to involve her in such discussions because her daughters are well-mannered and not involved in such. The self-proclaimed president of single mothers has been accused of being a poor role model to young girls because of her dress code, but she has told critics to mind their business.

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She further advised parents to take care of their children and stop blaming other people.

Don’t ask me my opinion about sponsors, I am not anybody’s mother, those girls have their own parents to educate them on what to do and what not to, I am not responsible to anyones choice, just the same way you can choose to wear condoms or not , HALOOOOOO, does your mother follow you to check if you doing the right thing in bed? So whom am I? Dont hung your children’s responsibility on my back ! I have only 3 girls, whom am responsible for! I was not brought up with internet or celebs, the only celeb I knew in my days was YONDO SISTER, SO SHOULD I BLAME HER FOR MAKING ME LOVE MUSIC. LETS STOP PRETENDING, LET EVERY MOTHER TAKE CARE OF WHAT THEY BROUGHT ON EARTH , I DINT EVEN ENJOY WHILE YOU WERE ENJOYING , LOOK FOR THE MAN WHO WAS IN THE CENTER ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY NOT MINE.

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