Isaac Mwaura15

Issac Mwaura the nominated senator is famous for being the first ever nominated Member of Parliament living with Albinism.

He got married in a very colourful wedding on June 26, 2015, to his beautiful wife Nelius Mukami with whom he has a son after losing two of their triplets last year.

In an interview with Ebru TV, they opened up about their dating and marriage life Isaac opened saying he knew that Mukami was going to be his wife and the was no question about it. They broke up for a while but got back together for a lifetime commitment.

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After their first coffee date, they started dating and he realized that he wants to marry her but she was too young for marriage and so he broke up with Mukami. This turned out not to be a breakup but rather a break because well, they are married now aren’t they? Isaac knew that even if they had broken up, Mukami was his and his alone.

wewe hata ukienda wapi, you’re mine

Mukami narrates a story in which they attended a nominated parliamentary meeting together but he was jealous that she was talking to someone else. He called her aside and told her to stop talking to another man because she is his.

there was a day I was out in a devolution meeting and he called me and asked me who are you talking to? I don’t want you to talk to those people they are not good people i am watching you remember you’re mine

Mukami laughs but remembers that she was mad at him on that day wondering why he was following every step of her life yet she was single at that particular time. Despite all those little dramas, they are a happily married couple who show so much love to each other.