Sleepy David has literally tried everything in this entertainment industry.

He was introduced to us as a comedian courtesy of Churchill and then he started a game found on play store. Next thing we know he has a YouTube channel which started off with a huge bang but no sooner had it started than it ended.

Well, Sleepy David contrary to his name never sleeps. He has now decided to join Jeff Koinange in place of former co-host, Jalang’o. Jalang’o who is also a comedian has found a new home with his long-term friend, Alex Mwakideu. They started their new morning show on Milele FM which was trending all morning.

Ujinga hulipa! Sleepy David just added a 3.3 million toy to his garage

Sleepy David took to social media with his big announcement as a co-host to Jeff Koinange on his show, Jeff in the morning.

Good Morning are you tuned humbled to be gracing the Biggest breakfast show people it’s #Jeffinthemorning with the main man @koinangejeff on @hot96fmkenya

Comedians seem to be taking huge steps in the career. Eddie Butita who is also part of the panel on the trend started a YouTube channel.

His main focus is a stand-up comedian where he holds a show for more than 30 minutes. The first show he talks about his hustles living in Kariobangi. He gives his story of a day in Kariobangi with the title: 24 hours in Kariobangi. 

Eddie Butita

He seems to be doing good as in just a week, he has managed to scoop more than 42,000 views.

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