Martha Kay

Ugandan comedienne and photographer Martha Kemigisha Kagimba commonly known as Martha Kay Kay has spoken out after her nude photos and videos went viral.

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The comedienne, who’s well known for her Instagram and YouTube funny clips in an interview with Spark TV said that the saga has helped her understand more about her body and she’s now over it after all the insults.

After social media found out the issues with my body parts, they have always criticized the size of my private parts saying that ‘I am like this’. I am like that. People have always had a lot to say about my body and it has actually made me embrace it because I can’t change my body parts. Now, whatever they say doesn’t offend me at all.

In another interview with Mama Uganda radio station, a presenter talked about the leaked tapes and Martha responded coyly saying she is not a freak as such adding,


The well endowed Ugandan babe was left humiliated and embarrassed and was even summoned before the Pornographic Control Committee (PCC) of Uganda.

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Dr Annette Keezabu, the PPC chairperson said;

I just returned from abroad, but we’ve taken interest in Martha Kay’s case and that of supreme Mufti’s daughter, our committee will meet on Wednesday and thereafter, we will work with police to cause their arrest.


In these two cases we have no other suspects apart from the two girls themselves appearing in the photos naked, they will have to come before the committee and explain how their photos ended up in the public.