Nelius Mukami, the wife to nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura says it was not money that attracted him to the politician.

In an interview with Massawe on Radio Jambo, she candidly explained that it was love and how Mwaura treated her.

The couple has been married for five years now and have a child together.

“My husband is very handsome and him having an albinism condition does not mean he does not deserve a beautiful wife.
The most common thing is that I married Isaac Mwaura because of money but it is not about the looks but about how he treats you.”
You can get people who are okay but they do not treat you well so, it is not about the looks and money.”

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During the interview, Mukami said that Child loss is the most challenging thing that has ever happened in her marriage.

“I have become a different person after losing my two kids. I now have tough skin and a tough heart and it is something that is life time. Even when I introduce myself, I always say, I am a mother of three children and on my son’s birthday, I celebrate even those two that I lost.”

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