Njugush and Celestine

Celestine Ndinda is fuming after her comedian husband Njugush exposed her for living a fake Instagram life at the expense of others.

‘Life is hard, is this you struggling this hard with githeri? It is funny that you stopped posting on Instagram about ‘Ohh I am having lunch with bae’. There is something about you and the house you live in,’ Njugush sarcastically Said.

Njugush and wife Celestine

Marriage drama! Njugush kicked out of house by wife, Celestine

Njugush was further shocked to learn that while he is busy struggling to make ends meet his neighbour Kinuthia is busy going on vacations.

Mara he is in Vietnam, mara South Africa, Dubai, Zanzibar, Samburu… why should he waste money that way in these hard times?

His wife confessed that like their neighbour, she is planning on going to vacation in Dubai and Njugush is impressed.

I am doing nothing in December do you by any chance want some company? I have been tired of being left behind to look after our chicken.

Njugush unable to pay 29K hotel bill accrued trying to impress his ex

In an effort to try and woo his wife in order to be allowed to go to Dubai with her, Njugush shouts about how he has been busy reciting ‘Wamlambez’ lyrics.

His wife who was seemingly disgusted harshly responds

‘What are you doing? You will wake up the baby. Go do those things else where and not in my house.’

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