Flash Back Friday: Felix Kiprono, the lawyer who’s asking US President Obama for permission to marry his daughter Malia has long been rumored to be gay. This happened after a photo of him wearing lipstick surfaced on social media last year and he came forward to defend himself.

“I decided to apply lipstick in support of the #MyDressMyChoice campaign, which was against women being stripped,” he told the Nairobian last November.

I took a photo and posted it online, but I was shocked when people started claiming that I am gay. I mean, why judge someone. I fully support this campaign since stripping women is wrong and the police must arrest the culprits,” he added.

He told the newspaper that he had been representing a gay rights group and that’s what made the rumors go wild. Kiprono says that the public should understand that he is a human rights lawyer who has no boundaries in clientele.

“I respect the gay community. Mid this year, I was invited to a gay book launch and I was the keynote speaker,” he revealed. The polished lawyer filed a petition to CJ Willy Mutunga asking him to swear in William Ruto as President when Uhuru Kenyatta went to the Hague for a court appearance. He is also currently working on a book documenting the Gay Rights situation in Kenya.