Having children by different mothers is not an easy thing. And while you may have a working arrangement with your baby mamas, often it is the public that is quick to throw shade and cast doubts on your arrangements. Rabbit knows this quite well.

#WCW:Rabbit Shows Off One Of His Baby Mamas (Photo)

Rabbit has two daughters by two baby mamas and he has not shied away from celebrating both of them. Today, he posted a picture with Gweth, one of his daughters on Instagram. While most people cooed at the lovely picture, a certain lady going by,”arsenal_diva” took shots at him asking him if Ayanna (his other daughter) wasn’t his daughter too. The lady, whose intentions are questionable went on to tell Rabbit that he is not a father figure. Take a look.

Rabbit Celebrates Both His Baby Mamas With This Brave Post (PHOTO)

There are two parties involved in raising a child, the father and the mother. Most Kenyans however don’t get that and they like to poke holes in people’s decisions and question their parenting choices. When we contacted Rabbit, he was a bit held up. When we do get through to him, you’ll be the first to know.