The Real Househelps of Kawangware actress Njeri Gachomba, popularly known as Njambi, is a talented lass.


The reality star has for once opened up about her life, and it hasn’t been easy.

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Njambi, a single mother, has revealed that after giving birth, she was depressed, frustrated, heartbroken and couldn’t imagine raising her daughter on her own.

Actress Njambi

“I took this photo (above) last year a time like this, I was so depressed, frustrated, broken, terrified, thin and giving up. I remember it took me almost 6months just to accept the fact that it was over…. It’s not easy raising a child without a dad, I was so worried that I wouldn’t make me, I was so bitter with life and I thought I would never be happy again,” she wrote in part.


“One year later, am proud of myself and Tamara, I’ll admit co-parenting is so hard but am getting the hand of it. Am so happy sometimes I wonder why I kept holding on, why I was afraid of being alone. Am raising an amazing, intelligent, beautiful daughter and I thank God every day for her, I thank God for always blessing, providing for and protecting us. I found my own happiness, I learnt to love myself and I learnt how to put myself first, heck I got my groove back. I thank God for my best friends for not leaving my side and for making sure I didn’t end up in a mental institution, my mum for supporting me, my brother for understanding me,🌟🔥for loving me and believing in me again am so glad I found you.”

Njambi has confessed that she’s still hurt and she is not falling in love anytime soon.

“I still have trust issues, self-esteem issues, am afraid of falling in love, am afraid of being hurt but those are just stepping stones……. so today am crushing on myself it has been a long long emotional journey. Am an amazing mother and a phenomenal woman. Am a super mom.”

Other celebrity single mothers include Kanze Dena, Jacque Maribe, Nicah the Queen, and Pierra Makena just to mention but a few.

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