Joey Muthengi

One years after leaving her job at Citizen TV, Joey Muthengi has said she is now happy as she has learned of who truly loves her and who doesn’t.

Joey who was well known for co-hosting ’10 Over 10′ alongside Willis Raburu said she is never going back to the show.

‘Hey November! 👋🏼. Today marks one year since I left my last job.

It was a very difficult decision and I had no idea where I was headed afterwards.

Won’t lie I’ve had some tough days.

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Joey Muthengi

Joey added that despite everything God has continued guiding her.

Yet God has guided me to the place I am now. Today I am happy, I am content and I know that I am loved.

I’m so thankful for the people who have stuck by me and encouraged me along the way. God bless ❤’.

Joey is currently working at Capital Fm and going by the comments her fans deeply miss her but they will have to tune in to radio to listen to her.

davjennings: Really missing u on 10/10 ..just come even as a guest anchor.

Joeymuthengi@davjennings Hahaha, miss y’all too but I’m not coming back.

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kennatooh: 10/10 imekuwa ya shout outs toka u left…😢😢.

stefanokesh: The spontaneous joeymuthengi..miss you..#10 over 10#.

miss_obunaka: I always die to see you back on the screen @joeymuthengi and it shall come to pass.

dj_elisha:Joey tangu utoke 10 over 10 yawah umepotea.

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