There is stigma attached to people who join dating sites. People frown upon finding love or intimacy on the interwebs. From downloading the application to creating an account, people find the process somewhat embarrassing.
But with dating sites such as Tinder, Bumble, Badoo and Happn existing with different purchasing options and even free plans, here is why you should not be ashamed of being part of the online dating culture:
  1. It is the digital era
    Forget about the days where people would meet in public transport, have a chat and exchange postal addresses. We are in an era where our connection is constant and instant.
Thus, it should not be weird to meet strangers on your phone and plan to meet later. Dating sites provide such instant avenues and what is a better digital way of meeting people than on dating sites?
2. You meet almost the same crowd
People will judge people on dating sites as if they match with people from another universe. The users on dating sites are regular people with access to the internet and smartphones just like you and me
What is the difference of meeting people from social media sites like Facebook or Instagram and meeting people on tinder? After all, in many cases, if one has a tinder account, they most probably have a social media account.
  1. The intentions are clear
While intentions from strangers on social media sites or even in physical meetups could be as ambiguous as they get, intentions from people on dating sites are explicit especially because they often write their expectation on their profiles, so when you are swiping right, you know what you are getting into.
  1. The options are many!
The people on dating sites looking for what you are looking for come are as many as the desert locusts. What is more, you can be on more than one dating site if one does not satisfy your needs.
At the end of it all, you will not fail to find two or three matches that will meet your needs.
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  1. You can network
As stated, people on dating sites are normal people with normal jobs. If you do not hit it off on a romantic or intimate front, you can always save your interaction and add a buddy to your networks.