Coronavirus has brought many countries to its knees and with this harsh reality, we have learnt many lessons.

Many people (myself included) never thought such a day would come when the world is almost at a standstill.

The government imposed a dusk till dawn curfew in Kenya.

Here is why I feel coronavirus is a blessing in disguise.

1- It made us appreciate life more

Initially, we assumed that we are entitled to everything in life.

The ability to go out and party, visit family and friends whenever we like.

Coronavirus has taught has us that every thing in life is a gift and we should value it.

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2– It has made us re-evaluate our friendships

Being indoors has made us realize who is important to us and who is not.

3- Money is just an added bonus in life

Coronavirus is affecting the rich and the poor, no one is left behind.

The virus is not interested in differenciating social classes.

This teaches us that money can buy you a comfortable life but not your health.

4– Most families in Kenya are ‘broken’

Broken in the sense that most couples do not see eye to eye. This is also the case between parents and their children.

Most parents never bother much about what is going on in the lives of their children.

And now that both spouses and kids are at home, most people are clueless on how to navigate the tide.

Worry not. This downtime will give you time to figure it out, as you now have more time to bond with your children.

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5- Most Christian’s are clueless on matters faith

When it was declared that churches will be closed, believers were up in arms.

Many argued that church is their sanctuary and many disobeyed the government.

This is despite the fact that the bible calls for total obedience by the people to the government in place.

Makes you realize that most Christian’s have weak faith and most preach water and drink wine.

This also exposed how they have not read the word of God and internalised it. This is the time to reconnect with your maker.

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