A Silverstone aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing at Eldoret International Airport after one of its tires dropped off mid-air.

The plane with only 4 passengers and 5 crew landed safely at the airport without the tire and amid heightened emergency services.

Uasin Gishu Police Commander Johnstone Ipara says all the passengers and crew were evacuated safely from the aircraft immediately it landed at the airport.

One of the left tires dropped off soon after the plane took off from the Lodwar Airstrip and emergency services were immediately activated in Eldoret for the landing.

Ipara said relevant authorities had launched investigations into the incident.

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Some of the passengers who looked to be panicked said they had been alerted about the emergency landing.

The plane was headed to Nairobi but was forced to land in Eldoret

Officials from the company put a statement.

It read, “We would like to confirm that earlier today our flight Dash 8 – 300 from Lodwar to Nairobi experienced an incident during takeoff and as a result, lost the number 3 wheel assembly.”

Adding, “The captain of the flight decided to divert to Eldoret International Airport in the interests of the continued safety of the passengers and the crew. This was a precautionary action and the aircraft landed safely.’

The statement continued, “Silverstone Air has activated its contingency plans and the customers affected were rebooked and have since landed safely in Nairobi. We would like to thank our employees, passengers and key stakeholders for your continued understanding and support.”

Meanwhile, CCTV footage of a Silverstone F50 plane damaging a smaller aircraft in a taxiway on 27th of September, 2019 has been leaked.

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Here are photos of the damaged smaller plane.

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Check out the video of the Silverstone plane hitting the smaller aircraft.

Who is to blame here? 🤔 🤔

Silverstone F50 plane damages smaller aircraft. Who is to blame here? 🤔 🤔1. The pilot – for reckless driving2. The people at the CCTV desk for not alerting the pilot.3. The management – for not installing side mirrors on the plane 😂

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Here are some reactions from KOT

@Asmali77: The bigger question should be who leaked this footage? These things happen all the time. Even in bus garages, there are collisions like this and they are dealt with internally. Do you know many such minor collisions happen? This is just malicious. Shameful really.

The aircraft was going for power runs at the compass swing not for a flight. All checks were done. The fokker 50 wasn’t damaged. People should stop jumping into conclusions without all the facts.‏

@KangaraThumbi: Ata haijagongwa Sana ….hako ka vitz kakipewa elfu tatu hiyo mabati italainishwa ..😂na Mia mbili ya paint

It’s amazing how words can be fed in and twisted to fuel a witch-hunt. This aircraft was being moved from the hangar to the engine test run area where it was doing some on ground engine runs. It did not “take off” immediately as madam has purported in her tweet.

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