Governor Sonko

Kenyans on social media can be mean. They have criticized Governor Mike Sonko after a video of him rapping in his office surfaced.

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko shows off gold rings and gold plated phone

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A section of Nairobians told off the city boss, saying he should try out  something other than rapping. Others even termed his rapping skills as pathetic.

Reactions include;

Helta Skelta Ancient rap style..extinct

Mike Ochieng 0/10

Mwaurah Sonko uses such stunts to keep people distracted from the real deliverables. This is a self-preservation mechanism which keeps decent men and women away. It is a game

Chris Abawa Surely this is a computer-generated governor

Peter Aden We as Kenyans are to blame for our own choices! The Governor’s rap dance in the Official office is part of the Consequences

Muchiri Kiura When you have money….your friends will always praise you even though your shit is total whack!!!!!

Lameck Riwo Drainages are blocked everywhere while he’s busy doing his things in the office. What an idle governor…

Henry Howese What was the rap all about? I’d suggest he sticks to city hall

Kat Eryna It’s no surprise! Waiting for collabo na Waititu

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Ella Blessing what a big joke!🙄

Gachango Dominic Johns That’s what you get when you elect a clown

Aranga Chapo This is what we have a leader of a capital city.

Kagwi Lawrence Thinktank This is crazy.sonko should rewatch the Nairobi gubernatorial debate. Dr miguna described him very well.

Wanjiru Kariuki NONSENSE…Can he go fix Nairobi already…nkt!

Rich Morgan Mutua End times or is it end of Nairobians 😀

Jason Cunliffe  Asumbwe Biggest mistake Nairobians did.

Rasi Vaghjiani Wearing several kilos of gold doesn’t make him a rapper , so give me a break!!!

Murage Ndung’u Bure kabisa. Our county has a very big problem.

p_captions1 These politicians are a disappointment to many kenyans..akwende nauko

Okinyo Nyagweso Sonko my friend, your going nowhere, please don’t try that in public

Kelvin Kimutai dance kabisa na huezi tap maji smdh!!

Masaku Jr Nothing to smile about

The backlash comes barely a week after the flamboyant governor shared a video of himself buying a Versace gold chain worth Sh4.3 million for his wife.

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Noit everything in his life is about entropy as a road in Machakos county has been renamed after Mike Sonko’s late father, Gideon Kioko Kivanguli