wyre1Last week I shared with you what happens when a video is being being released. I showed you the back scene of the Nonini and Wyre’s song Mbele. Well the video is finally here. It generally talks about the future of music. But first before i introduce the song let me give you a little background of this artists.

Nonini started singing years back, he  originally signed to Calif Records, but later joined Homeboys Productions. He was introduced to the Kenyan urban music scene through his debut single “Nonini ni Nani?” He achieved national and regional recognition with his 2002 track “Manzi wa Nairobi,” a song which praised the beauty of Kenyan women and a follow-up single “Weh Kamu”. He went on to release his debut album Hanyaring Game in late 2004 which included the hit “Keroro” a Kenyan slang (sheng) term for beer.Nonini is famed for releasing the first Genge hit early in his career.

Wyre on the other hand is Kenyan’s top  dancehall artists who has been going stronger every time he releases a new Jam. Wyre has done Collaborations with international musicians such as a Alain from Jamaica releasing a jam titled Nakupenda pia.