President Uhuru Kenyatta must be the coolest ‘Prezo’ ever!!

Just a day after an agitated Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo called him unspeakable names, the Head of State has gone ahead to respond to her insults in the coolest way possible.

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President Uhuru has just sent some warm Christmas greetings and New year best wishes to Millie, disregarding the bitter insults hurled at him by the legislator within the National Assembly precincts.

The card embossed in gold reminded Millie that Christmas was here again, and provided a ­time to remember and apply shared love of compassion, sharing and communion.

“We share this holiday with all people of all persuasions because what we celebrate are cherished universal human impulses,” wrote President Uhuru.

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The card was adorned by a photo of Uhuru and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta with their signatures.

“Often what we see as our differences are only expressions of problems that can be resolved through a commitment to goodwill, love peace and unity,” states Uhuru.

He concludes by saying:

“To you, your family and everyone you love, Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.”

See the photos of the card below: