Socialites in Kenya are all about exposing their bodies, cleavage and derriere on social media because, at the end of the day, it’s all about showing off your curvy shape to the world.

Controversial socialite, Risper Faith is one of those who is not shy to show off her big butt, even after declaring that she is saved, she did not stop with the half nude pics on Instagram.

The lass revealed her sponsor or rather boyfriend, during Bingwa awards back in September 2014, to the surprise of many, and she apparently looked happy and content.

Finally! Controversial Socialite Risper Faith Shows Off Her “Sponsor” In Public (PHOTOS)

It has become a trend nowadays to hit the gym and loose some weight and more so the use of waist trainers to reduce waist size and get a figure 8.

And it looks like Risper Faith has not been left behind and got herself her own waist trainer to get that slim waist like Vera Sidika’s.

She went on to share photos of the waist trainer, while half naked in a g string. I tend to think she was flaunting her body rather than the trainer and showing off her curves.

Team Mafisi will surely enjoy these juicy pics. Click on the next page to see Risper Faith’s big butt>>