Thanks to @KapukaFacts, we bring to you some very interesting facts you surely didn’t know about East African celebrities.

In 2005, dancehall artiste Redsan went to Kiss FM studios and demanded they give him back his CDs since they never played his songs.


K-Rupt did not die from a road accident, he was shot by carjackers while heading to Nakuru from Nanyuki.

Only 1% of Ugandans have met Juliana Kanyomozi in the streets; she is scarce since she is from a royal family.

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In 2015, a member of Sauti Sol went and stood next to Jay Z then a friend took a sneaky quick photo.

Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi stands next to Jay Z.

Around 2008, Tanzanian rapper Misosi went to the US to work as a waiter.

Vaileti by Matonya was the best selling East African song in 2007.

Mwanaume Ni Effort by Calvo Mistari was a ‘copy-paste’ of All The Above my Maino; beat, chorus & flow.

After breaking up with her husband Gardner, all of Lady Jay Dee songs have been directed to him.

Lady Jaydee
Lady Jay Dee

In 2012, Trapee released an album from Ogopa Djz. He has sold slightly more than 20 copies to date.

Colonel Mustafa and Nasty Thomas’ Deux Vultures was initially known as Desert Vultures and had more than 20 members.

Lady Jay Dee already has a coffin she will be buried in. She bought it on the 5th of March, 2015.

Wahu and Daddy Owen recorded a gospel collabo in the early 2000’s before their breakthrough.

Three years ago Tanzanian singer K Lynn famed for the Crazy Over You ft Squeezer hit got married to Reginald Mengi [40th richest man in Africa].

K Lynn marries Reginald Mengi.

Ogopa Deejays had a branch in Namibia called Ogopa Butterfly.

In 2014, Mwana FA said his best Kenyan rapper was Octopizzo though he didn’t understand what he raps about.

Jaguar once received Ksh1,000,000 from a random Ugandan fan who said he really loved his Kigeugeu song.

Esther Wahome’s Kuna Dawa album is the most successful album in Kenyan music industry. She sold at least a million copies.

Nimetoka Mbali by Jaguar and AY was socialite Huddah Monroes’s first cameo.

huddah monroe
Huddah Monroe.

Before its release, Gentleman by Sauti Sol and P Unit was titled ”Am a Superstar”. Arthur K advised them to rename it to Gentleman.

TheBeat on NTV was once called Genge Show but protests from other musicians had the name changed.