When I first laid my hands on the new Nokia 1, I felt good. I rarely feel this way when it comes to many entry-level phones but this one made a mark in my mind.

Unboxing the Smartphone was easy-peasy. The packaging is simplistic and so is the set up.

Nokia 1 out of the box. Photo / COURTESY
Nokia 1 out of the box. Photo / COURTESY

While the hardware may not be as impressive as your usual mid range or high end phones, it really is quite something. This is the kind of a phone that you don’t use for heavy tasks that entail a lot of processing and dialing of the side buttons.

When you fire it up by dialing, it doesn’t lag or take too long to show the trademark Nokia logo. However, the branding it has an additional “Powered by Android Go Edition” to it. So, what exactly is this Android “type”? It is actually a different configuration of the OS, suitable for entry-level Smartphones.

The setup process is seamless and the optional system update download is not bulky. For my phone, the update size was just 142.6MB. There was also a pop up detailing the updated privacy policy, which is in line with the EU’s Data Protection Regulation deadline which was on 25th May 2018.

The home screen has the standard Android apps in the Android Go versions. The HD screen is not what you expect on any entry-level phone and this makes Nokia 1 stand out.

Nokia One 2018
Nokia One 2018


The camera is decent and enables geo tagging of images. However, you are free to opt out of the “access location feature.” There is also the HDR feature that I recommend if you want to take photos that you intend to post on Instagram or share with friends; HDR gives you higher quality images.

If you are a beginner in mobile photography, you can turn on the “Grid” feature which helps you show the rule of thirds in the viewfinder.

You can also play with the shutter control if you want to take lots of pictures in order to select the best later. Once you turn on this feature, you just need to long press the camera and take a burst of pics and select your favorite for the ‘gram.

With Google search, Android 8.1 Go Edition makes things easier. You will see shortcuts to frequently used items such as GIFs, Voice Search, Wikipedia Translate, Maps, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. This means you don’t have to type a URL to access a particular site, you just need to press the shortcut.

To customize Google Search settings or adjust the general ones, you just need to click on the three bars at the top most left side of the screen.

The phone has strong internet connectivity. It is fast in search and launching new applications. I totally recommend it.


The 480×854 display comes in handy when browsing web pages. It may not be big enough for music video lovers but it suffices if your primary use is getting informed. The dual sim slots allow you to use two lines at the same time. Above all, it has a decent battery life – up to 360 hours of standby. Go get this phone. It will cost you just sh. 7,999/=

It also has an inbuilt radio, operates a HTML 5 browser and a 5MP front camera. The decent 8GB internal memory and an SD card slot of expandable memory – upto 128GB is a catch too.

Why would you not own this fantastic phone? I truly love it!

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