Louis Otieno
Louis Otieno

None of Louis Otieno’s friends have reached out to him to help after he went deaf.

This saw him launch a medical fund to help raise money for his specialised treatment in India.

Due to his hearing loss, Louis’s body balance is off and the one thing he cannot wait to get back is that.

“One of the things i hope for when i get my implants is to get my body balance back and if i get that, i can get out, and if i do, I can work and be productive again.”

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Louis Otieno
Louis Otieno

He has gone through a lot and this left him in deep depression, including being accused of killing his girlfriend.

Then “one morning I wake up and i cannot hear the nurse. Just like that,” Louis said, “I literary live in a cave, I have no idea what is going on in the world.”

He needs electronic devices inserted into his inner ears,, the cochlear in order to be able to detect sounds.

Ever since he left the limelight none of his high level pals have reached out to him. It is like the system chewed him up, sucked his juices and spat him out.

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Swatting away tears, Louis told Dr. Mercy Korir of KTN News, “Nobody tries to check up on you.”

He continued,”I’m from a life where i had two phones that would ring 24/7, i had people on speed dial, who were supposed friends, I had people who are now leaders, i had people who are governors, opinion leaders, parliament…i had them and no one was interested.”

He continued, “The word friends changed, it was not what it is. Because i looked for them and i can’t find them.”

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