Frankie and Maureen

Pastor Robert Burale has advised Youtubers Frankie and Maureen Waititu to calm down and stop fighting on social media.

The ex-lovers have been exposing each other on social media,  painting each other’s names badly.

Burale told them that social media does not care but instead love the drama between the two are displaying online.

If I knew them personally, I’d have told them to back off. Nobody cares about you on social media, they love controversial stories. 

To Frankie and Maureen Waititu, I want to tell you something. You once loved each other. You have children based on the love and respect you had for each other.


I Wish You’d stop shaming each other. I wish you’d stop washing your dirty linen in public. The people who are commenting don’t really love you…What you need to understand is that you are heros to your children. When they grow up, they will see people who were abusing their parents and it might affect them. 

He went on to insist that;

I want to tell them, please, don’t fight on social media because these people don’t care about you, they just love the fact that you are abusing each other. And guess what, you’ll be left hurting each other, licking the wounds, children worried and they look for the next big story.

Maureen Waititu and Frankie

‘Stop talking,’ Jalang’o tells Frankie over drama with Maureen Waititu

Asked about his advice when one party moves on with another partner, he said

If a man leaves you, don’t blame yourself…

Burale said this in an interview with Tamima Ibrahim.