Bob Collymore

Dandora Hiphop city is a one of its kind creative heaven in the country that will benefit from the philanthropic gesture by the Kenyan Private sector and the big-hearted Kenyans.

The money collected/ donated – will support the project that will create jobs and apprenticeships and training places. The project strives to change the phase of Dandora from just a dumping ground riddled with crime and drugs to a place burning with talent just like in the hay days of Kalamashaka,Ukoo flaani and of cause the brain child himself Juliani.


Supporting the youths within and around Dandora community to unlock their enormous potential, boost the social development and contribute to the wide area is an important and long-term mission of the project.



“This is an amazing initiative by my good friend Juliani, when I first heard of it I immediately wanted to be part if this life changing project. I would like to see this space develop and nurture the youths of Dandora and its environs through Art and National Bank is going to play its part whenever called upon. The Kenyan entertainment/creative industry got an enormous potential that need guidance and if channeled properly our youths who’ve got massive talent can earn an honest living through their talents.”


“Nobody should blame me for getting fat from now hence forth as I have donated my personal gym equipment towards this noble cause. Just like in the harming bird’s story Hiphop city is an initiative in the right direction and if each and every single one of us can play their part I believe we can transform and influence this and the coming generations of our youths”

“This fantastic project demonstrates the creativity, enterprise and passion needed to help transform the face of Dandora that people can be proud to live, work and be associated with”.



“I am honored to be associated with is worthy cause championed by the great friend Juliani, When the

space will be read for the public I will come and open its doors to the public even if only the ground and

1st floor of the building will be ready by then”

“I urge the private sector and Kenyans at large to own this amazing project and join Juliani in raising funds to see this initiative to its full completion.”

Dandora hiphop city is currently undergoing renovations and should be ready for the general public by end of this month.

The space will offer curriculum in creative writing and brand management as far as artistry is concerned. It will also offer business incubation spaces for SMEs and entrepreneurs and also house a community radio station.