Kiraitu Murungi

No woman should have to depend on her spouse to buy panties for her, Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi has said.

“We might talk about liberating women but if they don’t have a coin in their pockets, they must kneel down to their men,” he said.


“No woman should borrow her husband money to buy underwear. It is a must women be economically stable.”

Kiraitu spoke at Meru National Polytechnic on Saturday, during the closure of the three-day ‘Meru Twaweza Initiative’ training seminar on women empowerment.

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He urged women to come up with plans and strategies that generate income.

“Do we have any woman here who has not fallen in love? You will sing about it, talk about how you love a man, but until a man confronts you, you will never experience it, though today’s women can confront men. So, we can talk about women empowerment in abstract, but you should take that critical step on strategies and implement it, so that the Twaweza cannot be hot air or abstract,” Kiraitu told the participants.

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Kiraitu Murungi had earlier said he set aside Sh10 million for women empowerment.

“As we empower women, we are releasing the energies of women to move forward uplifting lives by pulling them up. We are not converting women into men,” Kiraitu said.

He said it is unfortunate that sometimes, women are misused by their husbands.

“Stop tolerating your husbands who come home drunk. They should not drink their beer and come to vomit in the house, where even children are, then expect you to clean their mess. They should clean. They should be responsible,” he said.

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