Despite the booming economy in Kenya, not everybody can lead a life of ease and luxury. Some people struggle to make ends meet and run out of money from time to time. It’s not surprising at all.

But how to deal with such an issue when traditional banking isn’t an option? Well, mobile lending apps come in handy.

However, in the maze of digital lenders operating on the market, it’s not easy to make the right decisions and eliminate risk related to borrowing money. Especially when you are in a tight corner and don’t have enough time to analyse offers and read endnotes marked with the asterisks.

In such a situation, it’s good to have a trusted partner you can rely on. Zenka can be the one.

No matter what your motivation is and what’s behind your decision to apply for a loan, you may test the first loan from Zenka for free. No strings attached!

All you have to do is to dare to apply, and Zenka will take care of the rest.

It’s good to know that Zenka’s products are fully flexible – the company offers short-term loans from $ 5 to $200 with a payment period of 1 to 61 days – up to your needs. What’s more, Zenka doesn’t exclude anybody and provides loans via the app (available on the Google Play Store and the App Store) as well as through the USSD short code *841#. For more information, visit

Need more time to repay the loan? No problem, as with Zenka you may extend the repayment date without hassle.

No wonder, Zenka became one of the most buoyant digital lenders in Kenya and a trusted partner for more than 800,000 customers in just 9 months.

Its pursuit in responding to clients’ needs resulted in winning the top award for the most preferred non-banking platform in the Financial Inclusion Awards ceremony held at Crown Plaza Hotel, Nairobi on Friday 9th August. Apart from winning the most preferred non-banking platform award, Zenka has also won the 1st runner-up award for the fastest growing non-banking loan platform.

But for the brand, this is just the beginning of the journey.

“Zenka won’t rest on its laurels. We seek for challenges, and nothing can motivate us more than such massive and heart-warming support given by our customers” – summarises Zenka’s CEO. Therefore, keep your eyes on Zenka