Yvette Obura

Fashionista and businesswoman Yvette Obura has come out to clarify to her fans and haters that there is no bad blood between her and Diana Marua.

Yvette Obura

In a QnA session her Instagram stories, Yvette explains that their co-parenting routine with Diana runs like a well oiled machine.

“Do you feel unsafe for Mueni when is at Diana’s place,” One fan asked.

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Yvette Obura
Yvette Obura and daughter Mueni

Yvette responded,

“I’m 100% safe (sic)…very comfortable.”

Adding she doesn’t mind Mueni bonding with Diana at all.

“There is no reason for me to get jealous.”

Yvette then pointed out she has no beef with Diana and that is because they don’t have any relationship.

If anything, Diana even goes to pick Mueni from Yvette’s parents home for the sleep overs.

She stated, “Where we are now hakuna challenges.”

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