Popular Ohangla musician Atommy Sifa got tongues wagging after he posted a video of him working in a construction site (mjengo) in Kisumu.

The popular benga star said, “Ni mimi hapa Atommy Sifa. They say, No Pain no gain. People know how to judge others very well without walking a mile in their shoes. They judge me based on how I dress. Other say I’m a softie. Others think I’m a dancer and an artiste only.”

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The Luo music superstar was busy crushing stones to make small pebbles used for contributing houses explained,

“I’m at my restaurant that is opening soon. I want to tell you that this pandemic doesn’t mean that you lock yourself in the house and do nothing. Personally, if my music doesn’t pay off, I have a backup plan. I can crush these stone into smaller pieces to sell and make money. But for now, these ones I’m working on right now I will use for my restaurant.”

He added,

“I’m also a farmer. When it comes to digging, I’m the MVP in this area. Everyone knows. As an artiste, don’t depend on one source of income. Go home and do something to build yourself.”

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The 30-minute long video was of Attomy passing out nuggets of advice on hard work and being smart about the investments you make.

He said,

“I thank my late dad for instilling hard work in me. I’m used to any way of life, be it rich and poor I can blend in.”

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