Betty Kyallo Okari

Dennis Okari is back!


The NTV journalist who has been keeping a low profile for a while now seems to have recollected himself and recently, he spoke out after partying ways with sexy TV siren Betty Kyallo.

In a long post he shared, Okari revealed that he was working on a project and would give more details soon.

MWANAUME NI KUFUNGUA ROHO! Dennis Okari Finally Speaks For The First Time After His Separating From Betty Kyallo

Well, after parting ways with his estranged wife, Okari seems to have moved on and he has been busy motivating his followers through motivational and inspirational quotes.

Okari believes in forgiveness and here is what he wrote;

“No one is perfect. It sounds cliché but it is true. However, we all strive towards perfection. The road called life has so many bumps, trenches, rough roads and highways. We make mistakes along the way, we meet people who wrong us and we also wrong them.

Our natural human instinct does not know how to forgive those who wrong us. Forgiveness is a divine attitude, not a mental act. We are not trained to forgive. No school can teach you that, no lecturer can impart that as knowledge, no instructor can coach you. They can only show you the way or explain what it is and what it does but it has to come from your heart through true confession.

When forgiveness is reduced to an act, it confines us to looking for excuses not to forgive. You will always find a reason not to forgive. Unforgiveness and bitterness have a relationship. A toxic courtship that brings forth children called Rage, Anger, Resentment, Depression, Contempt, Anxiety, Doubt, Envy, Frustration, Hatred, Fear and many other kids.

The tragedy of living with unforgiveness is that it enslaves us.
Your heart is surrounded by a dark cloud.
Your eyes are covered with dark smoke.
Your mind is still dwelling in the past.
You are present in the body but your inner self is locked up somewhere.

There is no sin that is so great that Jesus can’t forgive. The same way He forgave us, in the same measure let’s learn to forgive.”

Has he forgiven Betty Kyallo? Is he ready to take her back?

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