Being a celebrity is not easy. You’re expected to do things right, and poor you if you get involved in controversy. You will be trolled for days and in some cases, people will water down your brand leaving you languishing in poverty.

Well, celebrated comic-cum-radio presenter Felix Oduor popularly known as Jalang’o has called out his baby mama for extorting money from him regarding child support. The local showbiz bigwig left his followers surprised after he revealed live on air (Hot 96) that a woman has been giving him sleepless nights claiming that he is the father of her son and was trying to blackmail him.

‘Jalang’o And I Are No Longer Together As A Couple,’ Shouts Comedian’s Baby Mama

Jalang’o recalled how he dated the alleged woman back in the day before he became popular and after visiting him twice in Mwiki area where he used to stay, she dumped him. She was not ready to bite the dust with Jalang’o and she further claimed that Mwiki was ‘unsafe’ for her.


A few months later after Jalang’o landed a job at Kiss 100, she surfaced claiming that she had given birth to his son.

“When she came visiting me in Mwiki she realized that it wasn’t all glitter and glam. She visited me twice in my place and after visiting me the second time she was like this is not the life she expected so she broke it off and got into another relationship,” Said Jalang’o.

Adding that

“One day she called me and told me there is something she wanted to tell me, at that time I was at Kiss, everybody knew Jalang’o. She wanted to come back because things were picking up for me. She later told me she had been pregnant, had a baby and the child was mine.”

Jalang’o, who then moved on and dated another popular media personality with whom he has a daughter and are co-parenting, obliged to support the baby mama so as to save his career and image. But he has finally told off the woman, stating that he will only continue supporting her son once a DNA test is done. He also confessed that he has never set eyes on his son leaving many wobbling tongues.

“I was always trying to protect my brand. Nobody could know about this. I have never seen that child up to today and the kid is about nine to ten years. It’s a hard situation being in the limelight, some people don’t understand what we go through.

My main reason to come out is for her to know I’ve opened up about this story. No more money until the DNA test is done,” he concluded.