Size 8 and DJ Mo

Size 8 and DJ Mo are a perfect match made in heaven. The couple is one of the most adored and many look up to them.

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But their marriage is not perfect as many see from the outside. In an interview with Pulser, DJ Mo said,


God is the secret. We have learned to stick together and blocking ears from critics. We have also learned to love each other through thick and thin. It is true that we all have weaknesses and that no marriage is perfect but one has to overcome that by staying focused towards the goal.


Ours is not perfect. No marriage is perfect.

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Talking on the same, Size 8 said,

Nobody should go into marriage thinking it will be perfect. However, marriage is a beautiful thing. Marriage is forever a working process.

The couple welcomed their second child late last year after Size 8 had a harrowing pregnancy experience. She was forced to undergo a caesarian section to save her child.

It was our most challenging year we must say. As you could be aware, after Wambo’s (Ladasha) birth in 2015, we conceived again in 2018 and I had a miscarriage in December that year. You will recall that Ladasha’s delivery also had a lot of complications, all of which left us very broken. With another baby coming last year, everything just got very tense and I was forced to withdraw from the public. As a matter
of fact, the unborn baby was in danger same as my life,’ the gospel artiste-cum-pastor said during the interview.

The mother of two has always referred to her kids as miracle babies and they named their son Samuel.

I must say God is faithful and he answers prayers. He is faithful and whatever He promised He delivers. We had been given prophecy that we would get a baby boy. You will also realise that the name we have given nto our son (Samuel) is also prophetic.

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