Bad Friends

If you wasted your 2017 please try your level best not to waste this year as well. It’s time for you look back where you failed and make corrections.

Well, some of the things you need to do include; setting new goals, be closer to your maker and of course choose the types of friends who will help you.

From the gossipers to freeloaders, here are the types of friends you should avoid in 2018.

  1. Clubbing gang

Friends who only look for you when they want to go out are a no-go zone. These are the kind of friends who will make you spend your savings on alcohol and drugs and when you plunge into addiction, none of them will be there to save you.


‘I can’t send beautiful roses,’ message to wife by poet in Nakuru accident

2. Dating married men

If your friends can’t work and only prey on married men to foot their bills should not be tolerated. Ladies, learn to say no to married men. Save a sister’s marriage.

3. Gossipers 

They are always two-faced. If she tells you about other people she will definitely tell them about you. Hello sis, it’s 2018, dump these gossipers and you will see a change in life.

Bad friends

4. Borrow everything even clothes

Such friends will never know the meaning of hard work. They will spend their money on alcohol or globe-trotting but can’t afford to buy clothes. if you still have such friends please tell them off.

McDonald Mariga speaks out, ‘I’m not being used by anyone!’

5. Debt defaulters

They will always borrow money left, right and centre. Most of them will borrow loans from shylocks and fail to pay. They will leave you to settle the loans for them. Some will even borrow money from you but when it comes to refunding, it becomes a problem. Why would you still keep such friends in 2018?

Bad friends

6. Freeloaders

They always expect you to settle their bills. Such friends are annoying. They will order for expensive drinks and leave you with the bill. Dear Mpasholites, such kind of friends should not be tolerated in 2018..dump them like rancid porridge.

7. Men who only look for you when they want sex

My sis you were not born to be the second option. If he can’t make you his first priority, please, let him look for someone else. Know your worth.

Bad friends