TV presenter Willis Raburu says he always thinks about his late daughter Adana Raburu who passed away early this year.

Raburu and his ex-wife Marya Prude lost their firstborn during birth.

Speaking to MC Jessy on Youtube, Raburu says the grief has become part of him.

“I don’t think some people understand that kind of a loss,” he said. I don’t think there is any day that passes without me becoming affected by losing my daughter.”

Willis Raburu
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Baby Adana passed on in Nairobi Hospital. Recounting the day Royal media employees went to the hospital for corona mass testing. Raburu says he was left in tears when he remembered where he was seated while the news of the loss got to him a few months ago.

“There is a day we went to Nairobi hospital and that is where my daughter died. I got emotional remembering where I was during that time. I broke down.”

Willis Raburu

He says that grief has taught him the importance of going for therapy.

“It is also important to cry even when you are alone and have people who can give you a shoulder to lean on without judging you. Even when I don’t post about it, I am constanly thinking about it.”

Even in that period, he was down, Raburu says some people said bad things about him. He has since learnt what friends to keep and those to let go of.

“Even when we were mourning, some people came to me and said bad thing about that and I now know my real friends.”

Raburu advised anyone going through the same to seek help.

“By all means get help. More so, for men we need to get help. I have friends who lost their baby seven years ago but they still tell me the grief is still there,” he said.