Risper Faith

Risper Faith is heavily pregnant and she says it has not been easy.

Her husband, Brian has been supportive she confesses on her YouTube channel saying that he does 90% of everything for her because there is so much she can not do. Bending is one challenge she has and sleeping.

Risper Faith said that sleeping is one of the biggest challenges. When she sleeps on her left as advised by her doctor, her hips get tired and now she has to change position which makes her toss and turn all night. Before she knows it, it is morning.

Risper Faith

She also confessed that she is tempted to take sleeping pills but of course it is not advisable.

When one is pregnant it is obvious that they will gain some weight and Risper says that she looks in the mirror and sees a fat person. This has made her have some self-esteem issues.

The couple was vlogging at one of the most expensive Indian restaurants and as she was explaining further on feeling fat, she was hit by some sad news. Risper confessed that she has added 6kgs during her pregnancy.

Risper Faith

Risper later came to accept that she will be ‘fat’ for a short time before she gives birth because right after that, she has plans of going through cosmetic surgery.

it’s all in the mind. just changing the mindset that it is just for short period of time maybe 9 months and then I’ll get back to my hourglass shape and you promised surgery for me

Risper Faith

‘At times I am tempted to take sleeping pills,’ Risper Faith talks about pregnancy struggles

Brian is not up for that at all. He told her point blank that he will not pay for her surgery and told her all she needs is some jumping after her breastfeeding period.

no, you don’t need surgery. no. i think youre okay. you give birth to a healthy baby and in the first 9 months you breastfeed because you can not be starving yourself .unabreast feed, tuseme kama mtoto amemaliza kunyonya then you start jumping jumping then you lose the right way. Hizi mambo za short cut sijui  ukate nini is too much

Risper in shock asked:

what did you mean when you said we’ll have a surgery?

Brian answered her in a calm tone saying:

no sikusema you will have a surgery unless you need it but if you don’t there is no need. i am sure you will bounce back sijui mbona unafikiria sijui ntakuwa mnene sijui ntakaa vibaya.

Well, we can not wait to see Risper’s baby and also how she will bounce back. But we must agree, she has an amazing pregnancy glow.

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