Allan Kiuna_Kathy Kiuna

Things are not at all rosy in the leafy suburbs of Runda where Kenya’s popular TV Christian couple leave. Bishop Allan Kiuna and wife, Kathy Kiuna are feuding over an incident of alleged “infidelity”.

When Jesus Says YES! Interesting FACTS You Did Not Know About Reverend Kathy Kiuna

The news came to light when Tuko reported that the ongoing cold war between the famous preachers stretches far back to when the family had a photo shoot for their beautiful granddaughter. He was visibly absent  at the photo shoot.

Defending himself, Bishop Allan Kiuna told Tuko,

I am a man of integrity, I’m only in love with one woman, Kathy Kiuna and all other accusations are untrue and unfounded. That rumour is unfounded, baseless and wrong, that’s all for now.”

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When Mpasho reached out to Kathy Kiuna for a comment, she stayed mum. We called her twice and sent her a message.And called her again. To no avail. All attempts went unanswered.


As per kawaida, Kilimani Mums had to have a a say on this juicy piece of gossip about the Kiunas.

Haiya, kama cathy life coach can be two timed mpaka kamimba kaingie basi who am I to complain… I wanna call my x we make up.. At least there was no baby involved????????????but you know Kathy too had her first baby before marriage

That mwk is surely a woman without limit lol

I remember when the story of Betty Kyalo and Okari we were so dismissive, it was actually true so am not very quick to dismiss anything nowadays I just give it time truth will prevail either way

So yule mama alipeana story hapa juzi akisema she now wants to start apply make up ako wapi. Let her relax coz I think cathy is queen of makeup and fashion na bado anacheswo..

Aki sitaki kucheka jamaneni dad alichovya asali nje na kikaumana

This was her update 3days ago! She had written she had been invited to preach in SA Let’s wait and see time will tell.

Following for my dad and mum who live in Runda but I live in kayole

He is practising king SOLOMON version….Ako kwa Bible track…

Woiiiii…na vile nimekazana na weaves za punch na those signature lipsticks to keep my husband…otek matin…kama kathy amecheswo ni kunoma

Na ndio nawaambiaga msituambie just every thing that happens in your bedrooms. Hii kujianika kwa media ndio wengine wanatembea kwa kamina ngui’ niweewa Nilla Petty, Fassie Ayacko, Frida Mwende. Na Molly Adhiambo.

Aki men,,ooooooh they go kill us, Ata kwa women without limits na hio kujipodoa yote,,, Aaaaai ishi ni nyamu ma… 

According to my observation i have noticed /realise that most people who pose to be happliy married or dating in social media are the most unhappy lot or are the most cheated on????.

Kathy kiuna is a woman without limit.forgive him limitlessly

How I’m looking for someone to buy me that porche, kama anataka 2nd wife it’s allowed kwa constitution… Nitakuwa Sunday school teacher ????????

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